Career Intelligence

Uncover your strengths. Tap into new energy. Relax into leadership.

Transforming your capacity to lead

through positivity, resilience and compassion.

Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders

Authentic, connected leadership is at the core of success in our changing working world. Discover new perspectives and evidence-based strategies to identify your strengths, move past challenges and tap into your true capacity to lead.

Building Authentic Teams

Building Authentic Teams

When teams learn to lead together, they uncover new energy, develop common inspiration and goals, dissolve hidden barriers and produce their most outstanding performances. Begin team coaching to forge a better path to success.

Training coaches

Training coaches

Employees who receive coaching from their managers out-perform their peers. Learn how to provide effective coaching based on the most recent and rigorous research, and watch your staff grow as they explore positive, self-directed change.




Be your best self at work

Imagine what you could achieve if you brought your best self to work every day.

For better management solutions or simply a chance to find new place of strength in your career, you’re in the right place.

A human approach

To building success

The future’s outstanding organisations will recognise that people are their most valuable asset.

Innovation and flexibility are the drivers of success in this shifting economy, and attracting and retaining the best talent is crucial to staying on top. Luckily, what is good for the bottom line is also what matters to us all as individuals: genuine engagement, valued contribution and a sense of shared purpose.

At TTCoaching, we know that the road can be rocky, but the key to walking it is simple: high-performance workplaces are social spaces.

We focus on nurturing authentic leadership and true collaboration, helping you build connection and trust in your team.

Trust creates the space that we all need to explore and adapt.

Start working with us to begin taking on new challenges with purpose and commitment. Watch your success grow and your work life transform.

Good for people means good for business

Nurturing both you and the bottom line

Around the world, our relationships with work are shifting rapidly. Disruptive technologies, the gig economy and the demands of new demographics are challenging us all to build and contribute to a new kind of workplace culture.

Organisations can’t afford to be left behind: tomorrow’s leaders need to adapt, now.

The exciting news is that the demands of this flexible, agile workplace are what many of us instinctively crave in our careers: a more collaborative workplace, where people are empowered to connect with each other while working with purpose and striving for personal growth.

At the world’s top-performing organisations, management strategy recognises that these social and emotional rewards are just as important as economic rewards. 30 years of Gallup research on over 17 million employees  has shown that more engaged staff means a drop in turnover, absenteeism and safety incidents, while productivity, customer satisfaction and profits soar.

Employee engagement drives business outcomes, and the best workplaces place it at the centre of their strategy.

Engagement is about developing each person as a leader. When leadership is shared, teams are more trusting, more willing to face challenges and more agile. The result is more effective innovation, and a better chance at real success.

Working with individuals and teams, TTCoaching tailors leadership solutions that build personal engagement, resilience and capacity, and make a concrete difference to your bottom line.

We’ve helped thousands of teams, and we know our approach works. Now we want to share it with you.

We make a difference because we have:

  • decades of experience
  • deep knowledge of the latest research in positive psychology, team dynamics and emotional intelligence
  • a passion for helping leaders and teams to reach new heights of success.

We can make a real difference in your workplace.

We cut through the HR jargon and leadership buzzwords to get to the human core of your team, paving the way for exciting and positive change.

Our clients say:

“I can feel a shift already.”

Our clients say:

“I discovered it is important to understand who I am as a person and what makes me tick.”

Our clients say:

“Therese is a fantastic trainer and has given me so much to think about and to work on to become a better leader and person.”

Our clients say:

“Brilliant – so engaging and so knowledgeable”

Our clients say:

“Delightful, obviously knowledgeable … very good facilitator – keeps it moving and interesting and stimulating.”


Get to know us

Our team walks the walk: we're all about supportive collaboration. Together, we listen with honesty and compassion, finding ways forward that make sense for you.

Therese Toohey

Our Founding Director is an industry-leading facilitator and executive coach. Therese has helped countless people and organisations find true motivation through a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. With deep, indispensable knowledge, Therese brings warmth, wisdom and laser-sharp insight to every client.

Matilda Emberson

Matilda has a talent for bringing understanding and warmth to the cold realities around getting ahead in your career. With experience across the private and public sector, Matilda will help you create strategies to reach your goals, grow and thrive.

Kate Ramsey

Kate is a leadership and vision coach with over 12,000 hours of coaching experience. She believes that her clients’ answers are embedded within themselves and sees herself as a catalyst to their self-discovery. Kate supports clients to make sense of not only the knowing and the doing of effective leadership but also the being.

It’s so rare to find someone so engaging, so qualified and so blisteringly intelligent who is willing to sacrifice their time to impart their skills on to others. I feel privileged to have sat in that course … she really did practice what she preached. I can’t overstate her worth to your company.

 – Manager, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade