What does it mean to be part of a Leadership Team?

We once thought of leaders as inspiring individuals, solitary heroes. We were wrong.

Research shows that the most effective leadership is always plural. Organisations need strong, authentic leadership teams who work together with shared vision and courage.

TTCoaching brings your senior influencers together to create a cohesive, authentic and emotionally intelligent leadership that will inspire a new future of energy and outstanding performance.

Who would benefit:

  • Established executive teams looking to regain their edge, refresh their vision and inspire extraordinary results
  • New leadership teams keen to establish themselves as trustworthy, collaborative, exemplary and committed to high-quality outcomes.
  • Teams with a newly appointed leader who wishes to maximise team engagement and productivity, right from the start.

How it works

1. Make a commitment

We deliberately limit the number of teams we work with each year, so we can be 100% sure that you are getting the best from us.

In turn, we expect that we will be working with teams who are fully committed to exemplary leadership. Before contacting us, we ask that you discuss this commitment and agree to that authentic leadership is right for your team. Be sure the team is willing to engage, learn and be challenged as you realise your full potential together.


2. Form a partnership with us

Contact us to explain your context, challenges and opportunities. We’ll make some initial suggestions and explore whether we are a fit to work together.

We’ll then meet to prepare, plan and determine a path forward, with optimized timeframes for delivery.  This is a careful process to ensure the best outcomes for your team: there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

3. Start the process

Now to begin some powerful, customised conversations and workshops.

We’ll use assessment tools to build each person’s awareness of self and team, then cover topics such as:

  • Collective leadership: team strengths and what derails you
  • Clarity of purpose
  • The foundations of high performance: relationships, trust and the disruption of silos

And take master classes in:

  • Emotional and social Intelligence
  • Resilience and mental toughness
  • Coaching conversations
  • Influence, inspiration and persuasion.