Are You a Career Activist or a Passive Participant?

For most of us, just thinking about finding a new job is intimidating but changing careers can be even tougher.

Unfortunately, career pathways are no longer clear, defined and predictable; we lack security in our work.  Even the ‘traditionally secure’ jobs aren’t the safe harbours they used to be.

The key is to think very differently about our careers and our futures.  We need to adapt to a brand new world because the skills we developed yesterday may not be enough for what lies just around the corner.

We need to write our own career script and stop waiting for someone else to write it for us.  I love the saying “nobody is coming!”  As soon as we stop expecting or relying on someone else to pave our path the quicker we build confidence that is grounded, stable and resilient.

Career Activist or Passive Participant?

  1. Career Activists take full responsibility for their successes by learning to control, manage and plan their futures. You’ll often hear activists use terms like ‘chance or luck’ but make no mistake, an activist has already contributed so much to the team/organisation the opportunities are inevitable.
    Key Driver:  Humility

    Passive Participants wait until they feel or think it’s time to find something else – things aren’t as good ‘here’ as they used to be.  Dusting off the old CV, getting some professional help to smarten it up, practising spectacular interview skills and that should do the trick.  There will be a few, if not many, false starts before a new position is secured and, in the process, a solid erosion of confidence eventuates.
    Key Driver:  Security

  2. Career Activists understand security comes from knowing their skill set is strong, is current and is marketable. They play to their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses.  They have an inner confidence and resilience to manage the vicissitudes of life.  Knowing themselves liberates opportunities.
    Key Driver:  Resilience

    Passive Participants are unsure of their strengths and lack a strategy for mitigating weaknesses.  Lacking an understanding of current and future business trends means they’ll often be preparing for jobs not competencies and rarely will they have a fall-back position!
    Key Driver:  Safe-Keeping

  3. Career Activists ruthlessly audit the alignment between their own contribution and their deeply held values. They are kind to themselves and live comfortably with ‘less than perfect’.  They bring a quality of leadership that is hard to ignore.
    Key Driver:  Worthiness

    Passive Participants are often unsure of their values and can feel deeply compromised at work without really knowing why.  Without knowledge of a ‘true-north’, being able to communicate honestly, persuasively and compassionately will always prove challenging.
    Key Driver:  Compromise

Knowing what you have to offer, knowing your ‘drivers’ and making clear and conscious decisions about your future will give you every chance of success.