Why do future Public Sector leaders need to be different?

In an environment of significant change marked by fiscal restraint and sustained downsizing, today’s public sector leaders are facing a whole new set of demands.

It’s no longer enough to be good at making decisions about which objectives need to be prioritised:  today’s operating environment requires leaders to be innovative by making tough decisions about services that are now outside capacity altogether.

The tension between fostering innovation and managing risk is more pronounced than ever, particularly in the public sector.  Future leaders will need to be agile and skilled in leading people through these changing times.

The agile business models of tomorrow present real challenges for leaders responsible for driving change today, and that’s where the next generation of leaders will come into their own.  The question is, will you be one of them?

The days when staff could expect a narrow career trajectory based around a limited range of interests are largely gone.  Organisations need to be able to allocate their resources flexibly and this puts leaders at the coalface of the tension between organisational needs and out-dated worker expectations.

Great leaders will bring people on the journey and great leadership is what the Career Intelligence™ program is all about.

Leadership presence has long been associated with hours in the workplace.  Tomorrow’s leaders will need to bring an unprecedented vibrancy to their roles, achieving a life balance that promotes high levels of energy crucial to sustainable leadership performance.

Position yourself to be at the forefront of the next generation of leaders.

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