What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is an individual or a team process for leaders and managers; it is designed to bring about more effective and healthier organisations.  Leadership coaching focuses on building in leaders the capability to achieve short- and long-term organisational goals.

Historically, leadership coaching was initiated as a tincture to save derailing managers before the fall-out from their behaviour became too great.  However, most organisations now refuse to wait for trouble; they understand the notion of prevention being better than cure.

It is estimated that over 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs now have their own personal coaches.  Formal education prepares leaders to handle the more technical demands of their role, but personal growth and the development of relationship skills are better addressed by a one-on-one or team-leadership coaching partnerships.

Leaders need to evolve constantly, becoming better leaders.  Leadership is expected across the organisation, emerging at any time from any employee in any given situation.  Leadership learning begins immediately and is continuous.

Therefore, leadership coaching now focuses on enhancing performance for leaders at all levels.

Leadership coaching typically helps:

  • organisations grow their leadership capability
  • leaders intent on building positive business relationships to drive business outcomes
  • managers needing to become more assertive in difficult conversations
  • individual leaders ready to reach for the next senior-leadership role, and
  • future leaders prepared to sharpen their skills.

It’s lonely at the top!  As leaders advance in their careers, honest feedback is harder to obtain.  This lack of candid feedback often leads to blind spots in critical interpersonal and leadership competencies, which can be devastating to the individual and extremely costly to the company.

One-on-one or team-leadership coaching provides the client/s with thoughtful commentary and feedback on observed behaviours and results.  The coach helps the client/s become the ‘expert/s’ in their leadership performance and relationships, and their organisation more broadly.

A variety of methods are typically utilised by the coach:

  • Assessment tools and surveys to identify behaviours interconnected with organisational values and business outcomes.
  • Laser listening to guide the client to solve problems.
  • Challenging current thinking and perspectives to explore new options.
  • Guiding the development of leadership strategies, goal setting, action planning and recommending resources.

So take the first step by acknowledging the benefits of Leadership Coaching for you and your organisation and feel free to contact me for more information.