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There’s a better way. Work can and should be a place of purpose and contribution.

We can help you take control of your direction and find a more fulfilling role as an energised, positive leader.

TTCoaching works with clients to find solutions that are completely unique to your work environment. We listen to the challenges you’re facing and create meaningful strategies that break them wide open.

You’ve already made the first step towards change. It’s easy to take the next one!

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Developing Leaders

Our work with individuals

We’ve coached people at so many different stages on their path to better leadership.

Whether you’re wondering how to take on your first supervising role or you’re about to fight your battle of Waterloo, working with us will transform your relationship to your work.

Are you ready for the next chapter in your leadership story?

Perhaps you’re a seasoned executive in Melbourne who feels it’s time to contribute more deeply and begin a new, more authentic connection between your work and your values.

Maybe you’re a middle manager in Canberra; struggling with a challenging team, you know that you could be the outstanding leader they need to step up and make positive change.

Perhaps you’re a Brisbane leader, early in your career and ambitious, but finding that something is constricting your growth, holding you back.

These are all stories we know well, and we can help you turn the page.

TTCoaching will work with you to dig deeper and uncover the roots of your challenges. Together, we’ll explore your unique challenges, talk through strategies and together design real-world, practical solutions. You might learn to extend new kinds of empathy, face challenges in a different way, or overcome some unhelpful habits.

No matter which coaching path we take together, you will engage in a process that develops a new level of self-knowledge and trust in your career pathway, building a confidence in yourself that is grounded, stable and positive. With this new self-compassion, you’ll see your relationships with colleagues and your experiences with work deepening, building authentic connections that reflect your values and generating a new, exciting energy.


Building authentic teams

Our work with groups

TTCoaching works with leadership teams to reinvigorate your connection with each other, helping you model what it means to lead with self-awareness and authenticity. We transform your ability to collaboratively lead with shared purpose, values and vision.

Authentic teams are human, social spaces that have learned to move beyond a transactional model of work. People in these teams don’t come to work just for the money, hoping to keep their heads down and avoid conflict and minimise stress, functioning inside a firmly barricaded comfort zone. Instead, they feel supported by a trusting group who know and value their strengths and contributions. This trust creates a greater sense of agency, capacity for problem solving, confidence in the face of uncertainty, and empathy for others. It’s a positive cycle of inclusion, respect and success.

Whether you are executives, lawyers, an orchestra or a news team, we enable each person in your team to understand and contribute their strongest skills and talents to those shared goals with a renewed and positive energy.

The teams we have worked with report a sense of unity that inspires the people they lead, resulting in strengthened leadership throughout their organisations, and outstanding changes in performance.


We often think of leaders as solitary heroes – people who need to have all the answers and provide direction and inspiration.

The truth is, leadership is always plural: in every team, no matter the organisation, we do our best work when we lead together.

Training Coaches

Pass on our skills to your team

Professional career coaching training is an opportunity for you.

An opportunity to strengthen your team by creating an environment of self-directed development, growth and positive change.

The most effective leaders are invested in building the leaderships skills of the people around them. In your role as a manager, executive or supervisor, you have the capacity to offer a valuable and sustainable legacy for your organisation’s future, by helping to shape a new generation of effective and inspiring leaders. That’s why TTCoaching is passionate about sharing our professional coaching skills.

Our career coaching training will give you the skills to initiate and engage confidently in the conversations that matter. You’ll learn to:

  • guide staff members to become problem solvers and decision-makers
  • build their resilience and confidence to take on new challenges
  • demonstrate and encourage emotionally intelligent behaviours, and
  • create high-performing teams that get results.

Evidence-based strategies

That really work

We’ve worked with thousands of clients to solve complex problems.

By getting to know your strengths and where you need help, we start building your resilience so you feel tougher, stronger, and more capable, giving you and your team a stronger sense of contribution and purpose.

We base all our interventions on the latest research in organisational psychology, focusing on:

  • Mental toughness
  • Positive psychology
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness and compassion

Using these tools, we’ll uncover the cause of what’s holding you back, and unleash your potential for genuine engagement and authentic, connected leadership.

Mental Toughness

Having the confidence to lead is about being comfortable in your own skin.

It’s about having trust in your team’s honest, relaxed and flexible relationships, while having the energy and confidence to relish every challenge, dealing with the setbacks with resilience and demanding new opportunities.

This is the real toughness that a leader needs.


Emotional Intelligence

This is the number one predictor of success at work.

We all know that clear thinking is crucial to a leader’s success. In order to do this, we need an accurate picture of the emotional world that we are engaged in.

Excellent emotional intelligence is essential to inspiring others and building the constructive, supportive relationships that are the building blocks of true leadership.


Positive Psychology

We don’t want to just scrape by – we want to thrive.

When we are participating in something meaningful and fulfilling, we all live happier lives and produce better work.

Positive psychology is the science of cultivating positive institutions: environments that nurture strengths to support individuals’ wellbeing and build flourishing communities.

Mindfulness and Compassion

Evidence suggests that mindfulness and compassion improve a leaders’ ability to collaborate and lead in complex conditions. In moments of threat or stress, these tools offer us a route back to equilibrium, calm and reflection. With a greater capacity for observation, curiosity and acceptance, leaders are more open to change and challenge.

By understanding and practicing mindfulness, you can learn to put aside distractions and worries and make more thoughtful decisions. Developing greater compassion for yourself and others means dissolving the paralysis of judgements and offering more genuine, supportive respect. It really makes a difference.

Solutions that suit your needs

One-on-one coaching

Suitable for leadership development, coach training and personal problem solving. With personal meetings and psychological assessment tools we’ll gain insight into your opportunities and build strategies for action.

In-person, over the phone or skype – we can work it out.

In-house workshops and programs

Looking for team-building in your office? We’ll come to you.

Offering a range of short and longer-term programs, we can structure engaging and relevant events that your staff will be able to deeply connect with their everyday work.

Team coaching

Oil every part of the machine.

Executive teams and high-level leadership groups can benefit hugely from our tailored mix of individual and group programs. We’ll help make your team so much more than the sum of its parts.

…Or something else.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re always ready to explore new approaches and find the right way forward for you.

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