Making a change for the better means taking a step into the unknown.

Like any important journey, your success will depend on who you bring with you.

Therese Toohey

Our Founding Director is a passionate and transformative facilitator and coach. Therese has helped countless people and organisations find true motivation through a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

With deep and indispensable knowledge, Therese brings warmth, wisdom and laser-sharp insight to every client.

Matilda Emberson

Matilda has a talent for bringing understanding and warmth to the cold realities of getting ahead in your career.

With experience across the private and public sector, Matilda will help you create strategies to reach your goals, grow and thrive.



Kate Ramsay

Kate is a leadership and vision coach with over 12,000 hours of coaching experience.  Kate brings to her coaching a belief that her clients’ answers are embedded within themselves and sees herself as a catalyst to their self-discovery.

She supports clients to make sense of not only the knowing and the doing of effective leadership but also the being.

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