Career Intelligence™

Strategy by Design


Sydney – 22 February 2019

A Radically Different Approach To
Career Resilience & Leadership


9:00-5:00 (registrations from 8:30am)

$997 (+GST)

The CAREER INTELLIGENCE™ INTENSIVE is designed specifically for those motivated to be more strategic in progressing careers while strengthening leadership impact. It is a unique opportunity to reflect on your current career circumstances, and build on your executive presence and authentic leadership style.

Participating in this innovative and powerful program will enable you to be your best. It will provide you with the time, space and strategies to take ownership of your career direction and to refine your leadership confidence and resilience.
Do not underestimate the real power you have in forging the career and life you want.

This is perfect for you if…

  • You’ve had some success but you’re feeling uninspired and have no idea what you should do next.
  • You’ve hit a plateau and really need clarity and support to imagine and move forward.
  • You know you have more to contribute but right now you’re feeling burnt out, drained, or bored.
  • You’ve lost direction or had a career set-back.
  • You’re craving a more balanced career: you know you need strategies for building mental, emotional and physical health if you are to flourish.

At this one-day Career Intelligence™ Intensive you will:

  • Maximise your leadership impact by building on your strengths, skills and passions.
  • Take control of your career by creating opportunities, environments and roles right for you.
  • Own your place as a leader by knowing your mindset is your most powerful tool.
  • Overcome setbacks and barriers with new energy, grit and resilience.
  • Create networks of influence by identifying and building authentic connections.
  • Experience confidence in such a healthy way you will never have to prove yourself again.

You’ll also UNLOCK:

  • The mindset needed for career leadership.
  • The best way to refocus on the ‘right here, right now’, long before asking, “What’s next?”
  • How to turn scattered thinking into high-performance strategies that are seen, heard and valued.
  • The key to mastering your credibility, ensuring the right doors are always open.
  • How to make an enormous difference to your team and organisation.

‘Energy Networks’

Common Humanity: You are not alone

You will be sharing this experience with like-minded people; supportive, encouraging and driven; people searching for answers on balancing career, life-goals, relationships and successes. Together we will steer a course through all the ‘white noise’ and identify the exact strategies you will need to take that next step.

Kindness: You will have a plan…

Beginning with exactly where you are right now (honouring the effort it’s taken to get here) through to materialising your compelling future with purpose, focus and clear value.
If you stay focused, change is inevitable!

Career Intelligence™

Strategy by Design

Our relationship with work is shifting rapidly. We’ve seen first hand the emotional and physical impact of 24/7 disruptive technologies, the gig economy and the demands of new demographics. Leaders and managers are being challenged in ways never experienced before. Career pathways are no longer clear, defined and predictable; we lack security in our work.
The call for leadership and career resilience is loud and clear.
Engaging in the Career Intelligence™ process develops a new level of self-knowledge and trust, building a confidence that is grounded, stable and resilient.
This works.

The Six Essential Elements: How they unfold.

Element 1: Contribution

Your work is built on a foundation of self-knowledge: you understand your own unique strengths, skills, interests and energies and how to use them. As you develop this knowledge, you begin to exercise capacities you have ignored, and uncover those you didn’t even know about. You actively nurture your contribution.

Element 2: Creation

Using your self-knowledge, you create opportunities, environments and roles that are right for you. Instead of waiting for the right opportunities to emerge, you think of new possibilities and begin to build your own path and direction.

Element 3: Connection

You know that all work is about people, and that every achievement is the cumulative result of a million interactions. You think deeply about what others can contribute, and make the right connections to make change happen. You build genuine, honest and respectful relationships that give people space to change, succeed and grow.

Element 4: Compassion

You bring your heart to work. By offering flexibility, support and kindness, you create an atmosphere of trust and compassion. By combining this with a focus on the present moment, you shed distractions and build an environment that values achievement, creativity and growth.

Element 5: Confidence

In extending your compassion not only to others but yourself, you bring a sense of confidence to your work. Safe in the knowledge that you are a positive force in your workplace, you give yourself the permission and courage to make leaps.

Element 6: Change

With all these practices supporting you, change is not a hard-won goal, but an easy outcome of the engagement you experience in your work and life. You are open to creating change and being changed. You are nimble, resilient and unthreatened by the demands and opportunities that shift around you. In your hands, change is a constructive gift.

Meet Your Facilitator

Therese Toohey M Ed (Leadership)
B Ed (Psychology)

Therese Toohey is a facilitator and executive coach specialising in high-level leadership and executive coaching services. She has a thorough understanding of the complexities of people and work, providing solution-focused and pragmatic approaches to strategic challenges.

Therese’s strong academic and professional credentials are underpinned by a solid record of achievement in the areas of individual, team and organisational development. She brings proven expertise in developing leadership capability through coaching, and in the design and delivery of bespoke leadership development programs.

Therese’s 30 years’ extensive work teaching, facilitating and coaching in schools, universities, and Commonwealth and State/Territory Public Services is complemented by individual and leadership-development projects in the private and not-for-profit sectors.

Venue for Sydney

To be confirmed


22 February 2019
9:00am – 5:00pm
Registration 8:30am 

What’s Included

Morning and afternoon tea
Continuous tea and coffee 

Course materials



In addition to building careers and leadership, TTCoaching offers a valuable opportunity for us to support our community.

On any given night in Australia, 1 in 200 people is homeless; sadly, since 2006 the ACT has the highest percentage increase (at +70.6%) in homelessness in all of Australia (Homelessness Australia).

TTCoaching has entered a valuable partnership with Backpack Beds for Homeless to ensure 10% of its income from your participation goes directly to providing crucial shelter for ACT’s homeless. Backpack Beds for Homeless is an Australian company that produces swags (“backpack beds”) specifically for distribution to the homeless around the world. It is TTCoaching’s way of saying ‘thank you’.

Thank you for your support.

Terms and Conditions: Payment in full must be made prior to commencement of the program. Unless a program is sold out, emailed acknowledgement of this registration confirms your place in the program.

Cancellation Policy: A substitute delegate is most welcome if for some reason you just can’t make it! However, for cancellations received up to 2 weeks prior to commencement of the program a 50% withdrawal fee will be incurred. For cancellations received within 2 weeks of commencement of the program, we’re really sorry, but no refund will be issued.