Leadership and Likeability

Contrary to conventional wisdom, likeability is high on the scale of importance for successful leaders.

Likeability is a genuine kindness and compassion for others that comes wholly from within and extends indiscriminately without.  It is generous in its offering and profoundly felt when received.

Leadership needs positive intent.  It is more than people merely getting along with one another, being pleasant and ‘nice’ and avoiding conflict.  Every interaction and conversation had by a direct supervisor or manager is an opportunity to stretch beyond the basics. 

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What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is an individual or a team process for leaders and managers; it is designed to bring about more effective and healthier organisations.  Leadership coaching focuses on building in leaders the capability to achieve short- and long-term organisational goals.

Historically, leadership coaching was initiated as a tincture to save derailing managers before the fall-out from their behaviour became too great.  However, most organisations now refuse to wait for trouble; they understand the notion of prevention being better than cure.

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A human approach to success

The future’s outstanding organisations will recognise that people are their most valuable asset.

Innovation and flexibility are the drivers of success in this shifting economy, and attracting and retaining the best talent is crucial to staying on top. Luckily, what is good for the bottom line is also what matters to us all as individuals: genuine engagement, valued contribution and a sense of shared purpose.

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