One-On-One Coaching

It’s time for action: you need a change.

TTCoaching is the guiding hand that will help you make it happen.

Get started by choosing the program that will suit you best.

Is coaching right for you?

Discovery Session

You’ve come this far, so we know there’s something on your mind.

Something at work or in your career that isn’t going quite right, or could be so much better.

But is Career Intelligence the right path forward? And is TTCoaching the right fit for you?

Our free, 30-minute Discovery Session offers us a chance to get to know each other.

We’ll discuss your needs, see if we’re the right fit and help you decide where to go from here.

Signs you might want to try a Discovery Session:

  • You feel like you need help, but you’re not sure what for
  • You’ve decided you want to explore coaching, but you want to find the right coach and the right fit
  • You want to move onto the next exciting phase, but you’re unsure how
  • You can see a hurdle coming up – a round of promotions, a big life change – and you want some experienced support to help you prepare
  • You know big things are coming. It’s time to set sail – all you need is a compass and a map.


SOS Coaching

Need help - and need it now?

In a stand-alone session, SOS Coaching will help you tackle one big challenge.

What we offer:

  • 60 minutes of in-depth conversation with an experienced coach
  • Confidential support, with your interests at the centre.

What we can help with:

  • Preparing for a performance evaluation or interview
  • Tackling a difficult conversation
  • Preparing to negotiate a promotion or package
  • Resolving a conflict at work
  • Making a big decision
  • Getting ‘unstuck’
  • Taking action when you’re feeling undervalued
  • Building courage to speak up at an important meeting or
  • Making a presentation.

Career Intelligence: Leadership Coaching

Ready to enrich your leadership?


Today’s leaders face a
fast-changing environment where adaptability, resilience and emotional intelligence are crucial to success.

In the past, coaching might have been a ‘nice to have’. Now it’s a must for anyone who’s serious about building a purposeful, energised and fulfilling career as a positive leader.

This is the perfect partnership if you are:

  • an ambitious and compassionate leader
  • looking to stretch your capacity and reach the next level.

We offer:

  • A choice of a 6- or 12-week Coaching Program: a period long enough to together establish sustainable and enduring change.
  • Highly trained coaches with a wide breadth of experience working with both senior leaders and emerging leaders.


Get started with
Career Intelligence


What this means for you:

  • Someone with the insight to stretch your thinking, push against your current barriers and broaden your perspectives
  • A safe, confidential place to share concerns and challenges
  • A supportive champion who will help you utilise your strengths
  • A source of objective wisdom from ‘outside’ the picture to help see complex issues differently
  • A better path to navigating tricky or political relationships and building productive connections
  • A partner to create new strategies and practical solutions to your own unique challenges.